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Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige is every woman’s woman. She’s pretty, but not too much, so she struggles with her looks in song and print. Under the glare of the public eye, she’s had her share of heartbreaks. And, of course, like many a Rhythm and Blues singer before her, she’s on a mad search for Mr. Right to love her just as… >>[Read More About This Recording]

Joni Mitchell

Mingus is the last album produced by legendary jazz bassist Charlie Mingus before his death in January. The album is a collaboration with singer Joni Mitchell who put words to Mingus’ music. The album should do a lot for Joni Mitchell…>> [Read More About This Recording]

Good News
Sweet Honey in the Rock

Black people, wherever we are, and, whatever complexion are, I believe, Africans. And as such we partake consciously or unconsciously of the African genius. Sweet Honey In The Rock, a collective of four Black women, bear witness to that reality. They bring forth in melody and lyric the uniqueness, strength, and purity of what it means to be an African….>>[Read More About This Recording]

Sassy Swings the Tivoli
Sarah Vaughan

Whether or not you like jazz, whether or not you like Sarah Vaughan, you must, buy Sassy Swings The Tivoli. This is the reissue of a live album recorded in Copenhagen in 1963. The “Divine One” is in rare voice: funny, sensuous, grave yet bouyant. This album will explain why Ms. Vaughn is called ‘Sassy’. She growls…>>[Read More About This Recording]

I’m in Love Again
Patti Labelle

With any product, quality control is the essential element for maintaining a standard of excellence. Through the transition from the soul group Patti Labelle & the Blue Bells, to the spacey trio Labelle, to a successful solo career, Patti Labelle has maintained a high level of quality in her music. This immensely talented singer has gained recognition not only in the recording industry, but on the stage as well when she took the musical “Your Arm’s Too Short to Box with God” on a successful national tour which ended on on Broadway with a critically acclaimed run. Television viewers will long remember Patti’s rafter raising performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at the Kennedy Center’s tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr >>[Read More About This Recording]

Diamond Life

Riding a massive wave of sensational European reviews and critical acclaim, singer Sade (pronounced shar- day), has been thrust upon American shores, bringing with her an exciting air of smoldering musical elegance and a striking look that appears to have been ripped straight from the pages of “Vogue.” Sade is actually a five member group to which the lead vocalist Sade Adu has lent her name. This jazzy ensemble produces an immaculate sound that is taut, alluring and a refreshing departure from the maddening mechanical nuances so widespread throughout today’s music scene. >>[Read More About This Recording]


Diana Ross

The cover of Diana Ross’ new album “Ross” features a most unflattering photograph of its namesake. The over-powering crimson caricature does not capture the glamor her fans are accustomed to, but inside this somewhat repulsive cover is one of the best albums Ms. Ross has ever done. >>[Read More About This Recording]

She Works Hard for the Money

Donna Summer

A number of Donna Summer fans abruptly jumped off the Summer bandwagon when she wandered off the disco path with the release of “The Wanderer.” They could not adjust to her sudden flirtation with rock-oriented material. Nor could they relate to the splashy, over-produced sound of last year’s “Donna Summer,” the product of her collaboration with the omnipresent Quincy Jones. >>[Read More About This Recording]

The Key

Joan Armatrading

The uniqueness of Joan Armatrading’s voice has always been the dominating force in her recordings and her latest release, “The Key,” is no exception. Once again her vibrant, versatile vocal style triumphs. All the tunes were penned by Ms. Armatrading and, as might be expected, the lyrics are strong yet sensitive. “Call Me Names” depicts an S-M situation. “The Dealer” is a haunting and harrowing portrait of drug abuse. >>[Read More About This Recording]

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