About Us

Blacklight1979 was a momentous year for the Gay movement. A decade after Stonewall, Lesbians and Gay men from all cultures and ethnicities were organizing in increasing numbers and demanding equal rights. The first National Gay March on Washington for Gay rights was held. For Black Gay men and Lesbians it meant blending the new Gay political thought with our Black identity. The first Black Gay political groups were formed and a new wave of Black Gay activists emerged.
In the midst of this social, cultural and political stew the idea of Blacklight was conceived. And in August of 1979 the first issue of Blacklight was published in Washington, D.C. under founding editor Sidney Brinkley. It was the first Black Gay publication in the nation's capital. Blacklight published from 1979 thru 1985. In those years it chronicled the birth of the Black Gay political movement and witnessed the havoc that was the dawn of AIDS.
Blacklight has been online since 2001. Our original issues have been digitally archived.